My web 2.0 class just had a lesson about secondlife. I foun it a very interesting class because not only was I introduced to secondlife, which I have never used and have never quite understood; but I know understand why it is important as a professional tool as well. Virtual Reality is a growing tool for librarians and teacher to reach and interact with patrons and students in a more realistic/comfortable way.

A couple of interesting points that were brought up were that people from all over the world can connect through secondlife; another point was that due to the fact that virtual education has become more and more common over the years, a place like secondlife may be a great way for students to have a more physical interaction with their students.

Although I still do not want to become a part of it myself, (I think it would take over my life to a certain extent. In fact, I think that one of the main cons of a virtual reality like secondlife is that users can become so involved in the virtual reality that they may neglect or lose interest in real life.) I thought it was very interesting and educational.

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