Oral History

One of the classes that I am attending, my final elective, is Oral History. St. John’s recently hired a new professor to run the archives program. She will also be starting a new focus of combined history, archives and museum studies. When she was first hired, I was very excited because I was told that the school would offer at least three new archives courses. It turns out that she is only teaching one. That class is Oral History. I was advised to take this course and after talking with the Professor I was convinced.

Although I do not have any background in history, it has been a minor interest of mine since I was a child. This course is providing me with an opportunity to learn about Oral History, Archives and how the two are connected. I am excited about this course and hoping that I will learn a lot. But the best part is that the professor is the type that even if she is discussing something that does not really interest you, she has such a manner and excitement when she discusses the topic, that you get drawn in. I found myself sitting through the first class in which we discussed the introductory concepts of Oral History and the time flew by. Two hours felt like ten minutes. To me, that is the best compliment.

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