Las Vegas Trip: Part X – Jerusalem Grill

The second night, we went to the Jerusalem Grill. It’s a bit past the strip but not too far. It was a nice restaurant with a casual feel.


Falafel & Tahini

6 Falafel balls family style with fresh tahini and fresh baked pita bread.

With French fries and Israeli salad as our sides and,

Mexican Fajitas

Marinated chicken breasts seared quickly and served with sautéed onions and bell peppers.

We filled up on the delicious Falafel, French fries and Israeli salad so that when the fajitas came (quite delayed) we were already full. So we packed up the fajitas and took it to go. I had it later after a long night out on the strip. I ate it cold and it was still quite good. I was very impressed.

We enjoyed the Jerusalem Grill, it wasn’t particularly special, but the food was good and it was a nice comfortable place to eat. Overall grade: B.


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