Disneying the Baby

Ok, so we are 13 days out. Or two weeks from yesterday and the packing has started! I put together the outfits for A. I kind of got suckered, since I knew we would be heading to Disney World when A was 10 months so I bought all of these adorable Disney outfits for her….

The first one I actually bought from the Disney Store.

minnie outfit

I think it’s super cute. It has the option to personalize it, which is why the name Molly is on this image.

I then headed to Target to grab some adorable, more affordable Disney outfits like these.

And these. I know, I know they are for boys. But I thought they were cute and we are big Star Wars fans so I got them and my baby girl will wear them with pride.

I just reread the above sentence. My poor A. With a super bookworm Archivist for a mother and a very skilled computer geek for a father she really has no shot does she. Geek or nerd will be her fate….

On the other hand, we may overload her geek or nerd tendencies so much that she rebels completely and becomes something else entirely. Well, we will embarrass her no matter what. So she is stuck with us.

Anyway, back to Disney!! A little less than 2 weeks to go!!!!!

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