Kitchn Synch Update

I have posted many reviews of Kitchn Synch. Mostly I was very happy with the service. So much so, that for Chanukah I purchased a week for my parents. Sadly, since that time they have disappeared.

A message went up on their site that they would be down for the last few weeks of 2015 for updates. However, after three months down their site states that their is no website at that address. Furthermore, many people have posted to their Facebook wall asking when they will return. A couple of people said that they had purchased, as I did, a gift week and would like to redeem it. There has been no response from the company.

If they do come back. I will post it. But until then, sadly they do not seem to exist any longer. Now, I need to contact my credit card to see if I can get back the money that I paid for a service, which my parents will never get.

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