Baby Sign

In my post yesterday  I discussed the signs that A knows and is learning. I wanted to explain a bit more. Baby sign is a method of teaching simple actual signs from American Sign Language (ASL) to your baby. As seen by the fact that most baby wave and point long before they speak, signs are easier for babies than speech. This could be because speech requires specific use of facial and tongue muscles.

There are many resources that can give an easy list of simple ASL signs that babies can easily learn and communicate much earlier than speech. Some babies sign as young as several months old. A was only with us for part of the day and the rest was in day care where they do not sign with her. So it took her a while to start signing. But now she has a little vocabulary going and it is very helpful!


As I said yesterday, she signs ‘more’, ‘milk’ and ‘bathroom’ and sometimes signs ‘drink’ and ‘food’, and is learning ‘done’, ‘cheese’, ‘banana’, ‘again’ and ‘thank you’. I also sign ‘I love you’ to her ‘bed, and ‘bath’.

bSign 1.png

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