A Dole by Any Name Would Taste as Good!

N and I were at an amusement park in Virginia earlier this week, Kings Dominion. We had a great day and I will post more about it soon. One thing we kept seeing had us wondering…

Throughout the park were booths advertising Dole Soft Serve. We were unsure at first but then became convinced. So we looked it up to make sure, and yes, Dole Soft Serve, available at many amusement parks around the country is the same thing as Dole Whip!! So for those of who can’t wait until the next Disney trip to have some delicious pineapple goodness, there is hope!


I would post a picture of it here, but since we knew from the first taste that it was indeed Dole Whip, it disappeared too fast. We even gave A some, and she quickly signaled her approval with a huge grin and a frantic signing for “more”. A family of Dole Whip lovers. That’s us!

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