Disney Magic Kingdoms

There is a super fun game with great Disney theming that I have been having a lot of fun with. It’s called Disney Magic Kingdoms. It is available as a free app and I believe that it is available on all phone types.

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The game can be played for FREE, without spending any real money. If you so choose, you can play to get gems, which can be spent to speed up gameplay.

The game includes many Disney characters and rides from Disney World and Disney Land. The premise of the game is defeating Maleficent who has cursed the Magic Kingdom. This is done by acquiring characters, and earning money within the game and paying to build your own version of the Magic Kingdom. It includes purchasing rides, concession stands and decorations.

The game also involves quests that need to be completed to welcome characters back to the park and free sections of the park from the curse. For more information on game play and more, check out Jayson Headley Writes. He has a great section, which is linked to here, that has excellent information about the game and characters.

The part that I love the most is the characters, the theming and the rides. Recently there was an event that involved welcoming The Incredibles.


Other characters range from Mickey’s clubhouse to Monsters, Inc.

The rides include Mickey’s Fun Wheel from Disney Land,



To It’s a Small World.



Every day when I click on the app and start to play, a little bit of Disney magic sprinkles into my day.


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