Enchanted Tales with Belle

One of the newer sections of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is in Fantasyland. This section has become a favorite of ours for a few reasons. Primarily though it is because there are so many fantastic Beauty and the Beast spots there to enjoy. These include Gaston’s Tavern, a character spot to meet Gaston, a Beauty and the Beast themed gift shop and the Be Our Guest restaurant and Enchanted Tales with Belle.

Enchanted Tales with Belle is an interactive retelling of the Beauty and the Beast tale. Guests enter from Maurice’s workshop through a magic mirror leading them to the castle. There the wardrobe and staff members select guests, mostly kids, to play the parts of the story. In our group all characters were children except for two knights who were adults.

Guests then enter the library in the castle and perform the story for Belle as a surprise. The attraction is cute, fun and entertaining. It’s a great way to spend a bit of time with a princess while engaging the kids.

N and I got a fastpass so we had no wait. I went back after to look and saw that the queue goes through the cottage where Belle grew up. The theming is great.

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