Disney’s Flower & Garden Festival: Festival Center

One of the main features of the Flower and Garden Festival is the festival center that is open only on the weekends. N and I made a point of going directly to the festival center after we arrived on Sunday and we didn’t want to miss it.


Inside the festival center are many sections one of which is the lecture series. N and I caught the tail end of the lecture about using store bought vegetables to start your own garden at home.

On the other side of the festival center was a display of flowers with edible seeds. There were staff members (I don’t believe they worked for Disney) who gave out seeds as requested. They were also available for questions and other information.

The next display we saw was a Bonsai tree display.

The center also contained an in depth display all about the topiaries and what goes in to making and maintaining them. We only spent a short time in the festival center but it was still really cool and I’m so glad that we went.

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