Rehoboth Beach

N loves the beach. Both last summer and this we went for a few days. Last summer A hated the beach. She was too little and the sand and the sea were too new and different. This summer was different. At first it wasn’t and N was super discouraged when she wouldn’t even touch the sand but after a bit of digging she started really enjoying it. By the end of the day, she lay down on the sand and hugged it. It was really adorable.

As I said, N is the beach person not me. I can count on one hand the amount of beaches I have been to. So I can’t be sure but Rehoboth Beach is extremely nice. It is very clean, there is tons of space for everyone to set up, and it has a great boardwalk.

Another great thing about Rehoboth Beach is that it is located in Delaware. A state that has no sales tax and has a huge outlet mall about 10 minutes from the beach.


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