Renaissance Festival

This past Labor Day weekend, N surprised me with a trip to the Renaissance Festival!

There was so much to see and do! The costumes were so cool and abundant. Aside from the staff at the festival many of the guests came in costume ranging from hats to full costumes. There was even a trend that N and I couldn’t help but wonder at, as there were quite a few people sporting tails!

There was quite a lot of entertainment. We only caught a little of the jousting but it was super cool with the knights in full armor. There were stage shows consisting of comedy routines. There was also a stage for musicians and bands featuring specialty instruments such as bagpipes, and as we walked along we saw a harpist!

The food signs were everywhere and were hilarious! We couldn’t actually eat anything as nothing was kosher but we had a lot of fun reading all of the signs and wondering what the best food options were. There was a honey shop that was kosher. They offered tastings of all of their honey types. We bought some honey candies and a jar of maple honey that tasted almost like marshmallows.

There was a shop of glassworks that were really beautiful. They also had a display where a few staff members blew and shaped glass before the crowd. They had many other specialty shops from leatherworkers to weavers to woodworkers. The work that we saw was truly magnificent.

Everywhere we looked the theming was amazing. It was so fun and entertaining. Without taking it too seriously. We really had a blast. I would definitely recommend it as a fun day trip to anyone who has a Renaissance Festival near them.

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