Stride Rite® Soft Motion Shoes

These shoes are fantastic! My daughter got her first shoes a month ago and had a really hard time with them. She wasn’t walking so well and seemed to hate them as she was forever taking them off. We thought maybe she had been sized wrong.

We got the sizing chart from Stride Rite and checked the sizing three times to be sure. I loved how easy it was to size her even though she was not so fond of the paper being placed under and around her foot. She tolerated it and we were able to size her. To our surprise she was the same size as the old shoes. We ordered the Stride Rite® Soft Motion and waited.

The new shoes arrived and we put them on A. She loved them!!

The first thing we noticed was how easy they are to put on. The tongue of the shoe opens all the way so even if she is not being so cooperative it is very easy for us to get her foot into the shoe. The tongue has a piece of Velcro on it to ensure that it stays in place. The Velcro also has a nice stretch so it can be tightened or loosened as needed.

The next thing that we noticed was the smoother way she walked in the new shoes. A has always had an odd gait with her old shoes. Her balance and gait improved enormously with the new shoes. The best part is that she leaves them on. Not only that but she grabs the shoes and brings them to us so that we can put them on her. She only ever hid the old ones. I am so happy with these shoes!


I received these shoes for free from Stride Rite in exchange for my honest review.

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