Escape the Room!

Recently my sister-in-law told us about a Groupon for the Escape Room. So we signed up. We weren’t sure what to expect but we decided that doing it as a family (five siblings + three siblings by marriage) would be fun.

After going to the Escape Room I am happy to report that we had a blast!


The escape room that we went to happened to be a difficult one and we were told that most people do not escape the room. We didn’t realize that when we signed up, but were still excited to try.

The story of the escape room that we went to was that we were travelers who had been kidnapped. We had been locked in a room and had to figure out where we were and how to get out. We had 60 minutes to solve the problems and escape before the kidnappers returned.

The puzzles were quite challenging, but super fun. For each puzzle completed, a lock was opened. With each lock that was opened more clues were available that allowed us to solve other puzzles. We started slow, but got good momentum at certain points. We sometimes had a puzzle almost completed and once a new clue was revealed could solve it immediately. The only thing that was confusing was determining which clues went with which puzzles as sometimes they looked like they went together when they did not. This led to several confusing attempts to solve puzzles that were unsuccessful.

We were well on our way to solving another puzzle that was quite involved, when we ran out of time. It was sad as we knew that we would have solved it with a few more minutes. We still left on a high note. N and I both really enjoyed it and I think that most of the family agreed.

We want to try again and hope to be able to finish. We also want to try other escape rooms and see how we do.

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