Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! N and I cooked for 30. We made two fried Turkeys. It was our first time frying a turkey. We got an indoor turkey fryer from Costco. We prepared the turkeys two ways. One was spiced and injected with Italian dressing, and one was coated with a creole seasoning and injected with the Italian dressing. Both cooked super fast and tasted delicious! We are definitely frying our turkeys in the future!

Our other dishes were sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, garlic roasted brussel sprouts, grilled vegetables, potato dumplings, corn pudding, stuffed mushrooms, panzanella salad,  hot dogs, butternut squash soup, cranberry sauce, wings, and stuffing. Dessert was pumpkin and pecan pies and some oatmeal cookies.

The tables were decorated with our fun fall plates from Costco, our pinecone place cards from two year ago as well as some new place cards for our new guests. Also, we got new turkey napkin holders from one of our four year old guests and her mother. My mother-in-law made a fun turkey shaped vegetable platter.

As usual our Trello board was heavily used and helped to keep us on track.


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