Vacation in NYC

So we just returned from our NYC vacation. There is definitely stuff to talk about but we have already decided that we need to redo this trip as 90% of it was spent in the hotel room sick with the flu instead of doing our planned activities around NYC.

So to start with, this trip was instead of our annual Disney World trip which sadly had to be canceled. We had planned a four day, five night trip to NYC and then planned a weekend in Brooklyn with my brother and his family. We were due to leave for NYC on Monday afternoon.

However, Sunday evening, A had a high fever. So Monday morning, N ran to the Dr. with her and we found out that she had an ear infection. N stopped at the pharmacy and picked up the antibiotics for A.

Also on Monday, N came down with the flu. I packed the car and drove us to NYC in the hopes that N would be better the next day and we would still be able to enjoy our vacation. We had planned to stop on our way to New York in New Jersey for dinner. We canceled that plan and headed straight to the hotel.

A was a little cranky but otherwise ok for the trip. N was pretty out of it but thanks to medication he too was ok for the trip. We got to the hotel and unpacked the car in the freezing cold -2 degree weather with heavy winds. N parked the car in the lot, which was 10 blocks away while I unpacked us in the hotel room and put A to sleep in the pack and play. We then settled in to crash. A cried throughout the night, she kept standing up and looking at us from her spot by the door and N and I had a really hard time sleeping.

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