The Kidnapping

After our last escape room experience we knew we had to try it again. This time we decided to go to a different company. Due to scheduling conflicts, only 5 of us were able to make it so our party was down by 3 but we had already booked the full room so we had it to ourselves.

This time we went to Breakout Games. Breakout Games is a large organization with sophisticated puzzles and equipment so the experience was very different! The local Breakout location had several escape room options including a kidnapping scenario, a museum heist, a casino spy scenario, and a hostage scenario. My sister-in-law chose the Kidnapping scenario for us.

In The Kidnapping, we started out blindfolded and handcuffed. First, we signed a waiver and heard an introduction of all the rules and regulations involved in the escape room. Then, we were brought into the room blindfolded and were handcuffed to a surface in the room. I won’t say any more about the specific puzzles because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

I will say that the puzzles were extremely well done. They were a range of puzzle types including math, science, logic, physical, riddles, etc. All five of us, with all of our different skills and knowledge were able to solve puzzles or be instrumental in solving puzzles. Locks included safes, hidden nooks, combo puzzles, the final door lock, etc. There was a camera in the corner so we were overseen by a staff member who assisted us as needed. If we got stuck we asked for help and received a clue to assist us. There was a soundtrack and a large screen that listed the countdown for us. We finished with almost 13 minutes left. We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves.


We definitely plan to do another escape room from Breakout Games. They offer several options, which they change every now and then to ensure that fresh options are available. So we hope to try other room options in the future. The escape rooms at Breakout Games would be great for any number of occasions such as parties, date night, etc. I would recommend them to anyone and think even preteens could have a great time. Anyone who likes puzzles will probably love this experience!


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