Last Day in NYC

Thursday was our last day in NYC. We wanted to try and have some fun but still not tire ourselves out too much as we had plans for Thursday night.

So we took the train to the Natural History Museum. The subway trip was fun and we both felt ok. But after getting the museum, we headed to the planetarium for a show and I passed out. I missed 85% of the show. That was one expensive nap!

After the show was over, we agreed that we should head out to get some lunch. So we headed to My Most Favorite Food, a dairy restaurant about two blocks from the museum. We ordered Soup (but ate it all before I could get a picture), Macaroni and Cheese, Fish Tacos and a slice of Cake for dessert. The food was very good but also very pricey.

After lunch, we had hoped to walk in Central Park but it was starting to rain so we headed back to the hotel. We took it easy for the next couple of hours, then we put A to bed. The babysitter arrived and we headed out for our second night out…. Date night!

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