Steven Brundage

N and I recently went for a special date night to see Steven Brundage perform live. For those who are not familiar with him, Steven is a street magician who is known for his unique tricks with the Rubik’s Cube. He performed on Penn and Teller – Fool Us, and America’s Got Talent, but his fame started before either of those TV appearances when he was pulled over for speeding and performed a trick for the officers.

He performed near us and N and I were very excited to go and see him. He was amazing!! Often N and I (more often N) can figure out how a magician is doing his tricks. That is part of why we so enjoy Penn and Teller Fool Us, as it is so fun to try and figure out how a trick is done and the show truly showcases some amazing talents!

At the show, even knowing some of the tricks and how they are done, Steven performed so well and with such skill that we were both amazed. There was one trick where Steven showed the audience the move done in slow motion, and then in regular time, and we still couldn’t see when he did the move. He was really a pleasure to watch and we so enjoyed the show! Check out the videos below to see him perform his way out of a ticket, fool Penn and Teller and perform at the semifinals on America’s Got Talent.

Getting out of a ticket

Penn and Teller – Fool Us

America’s Got Talent



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