New Running Gear

Training for the Walt Disney Marathon officially starts today. So I thought I would start off the running posts with an update on the new gear I will be using.


The first bit of new gear was actually my Mother’s Day gift this year. Several pairs of the newest sock to join the Balega line, Silver. Here is an article that explains just how cool these new socks are. I have always loved Balegas and they are by far the best socks according to the staff at my local running store. So I am very excited about the new socks.


For fuel this year, N and I will be experimenting with more Gus, and Clif’s pouches such as this Pizza Margherita one. Previously we have only used waffles and jelly beans so I am excited to branch out a bit.

That’s it for now, but there is tons more to come! Can’t wait to share more of the running journey with you!

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