Resort Booking Issues

N and I made a critical error when planning for January. We plan to stay at a Disney Resort for the weekend of the marathon and stay for the next week for our vacation. However, DVC books extremely quickly for events and we spaced out too much. Blame it on the new baby or a busy time at work for N or a general lack of planning but the end result is that there are no rooms available for the marathon weekend.

This had made our scheduling for the marathon trip rather chaotic. As N and I go over plan after plan and all fail to work out. Finally we were forced to declare defeat.

We had originally intended a stay at Kidani Village – Savanna view for the weekend. But it is totally booked. As is the next weekend. So we are currently scrambling to book another resort that will be a nice weekend stay.

My point is, book as early as you can, so you don’t miss out. I would say that is step one for a Disney stay. Hopefully I will have an update soon…

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