New Running Gear Update


As I said previously, I love the Ravenna sneaker made by Brooks. However, they recently released a new design, the Ravenna 8 and sadly this one does not work for me. Funnily enough, the same issue that I had last time happened again. I bought the new Ravenna, tried them on a short run (3 miles) and my foot started hurting.

Ravenna 8.png

I returned them to the running store and after some help from the friendly employee, she discovered that I now have the same issue with the Ravenna that I had with the Adrenaline. Apparently, my ankles have strengthened, and now my feet do not need that much correction for pronation any more. Yay! So cool that all of my running has had a visible and helpful effect on my body. So now, I purchased the next level down that Brooks makes, the Ghost.

Ghost 10

As I said in my last post, I ran my first long run in the new shoes this week and they were great! So comfortable and with so much support. Excellent shoes.


Water Belt

I am loving my new water belt! I was a bit hesitant at first as I already wear several layers by my waist and was worried that it would be super uncomfortable. Previously, N carried all of the water in his water belt. But this time N and I always do our short runs separately, so I was carrying a water bottle. It was really annoying so I decided I had to get a water belt and see if it worked for me. So I got an Amphipod water belt.


This belt is really awesome! The water bottles have great spouts that have easy and quick drink access with no spout that needs to be opened and closed. The pouch holds a ton!! I can my phone, two Gus, two waffles, a pack of tissues, my headphones, my iPhone, and my salt pills, with extra room. It is fantastic!


N and I are really getting into the Gus, so far our favorite by far is the Razz flavored Clif Shot.

Clif Razz.png

As always we love the waffles by Honey Stinger. They have a whole bunch of flavors so we get lots of variety and so far like all of the flavors. They give a nice amount of energy and are easy to eat while running.

As I said in my first post on new gear, we got a Clif shot pouch, a Pizza Margherita one. We did not like it sadly. We found the texture to be super thick and unpleasant. The taste was spot on but we realized that the taste of pizza while on a run was not really what we wanted.

Clif pouch