Total Solar Eclipse

Yesterday was the eclipse known as the All American Eclipse, called that because it was able to be seen in totality across the USA. This is the first solar eclipse in the US in almost 100 years. On the east coast the eclipse was viewable in several places.

NASA had live feeds throughout the event. They also had a Flickr album where people submitted their fantastic photos of the event. NOVA has a documentary that aired last night all about the eclipse with photos and video footage of the event.

N and I were only able to see it 80% totality. But it was still super cool! My parents went to South Carolina to see it in 100% totality. Like many people, they were sadly unable to see the moments of totality, which lasted only a minute or two, due to the heavy clouds.

Another full eclipse will be viewable in 2024. N and I have started planning to see it already!

EDIT: My father sent me this fantastic video of the Eclipse as seen in Oregon. It is really worth a look.