WDW Marathon Training – Week 10

This Sunday, N and I went for our week 10 run. We had to miss a week two weeks ago, so we changed up the schedule a bit. Last week was supposed to be our 11 mile run. Instead we ran 5 miles on an intense course with a lot of hill training, and this week we ran the 11 miles. So now we are only 1 week ahead of the training schedule.

We did pretty well. N and I were both hurting a bit after we finished. But we made good time and completed nicely. Our jump to double digit distance went fairly well!

For our prerun fuel we had frozen pancakes with a banana and a little syrup. Thanks you Runners World for the idea! It was funny that I was just talking about our need to figure out a better prerun fuel and then I open this months magazine to an article all about it. We were supposed to have a glass of low fat milk as well but we forgot. The fuel worked well. We will definitely do that again. Super easy, tasty, and filling. We are also excited to try some of their other ideas.


We will continue playing with pre and post fuels as our training advances. In two weeks we have our next distance jump and it brings us to half marathon distance. 13 miles. Can’t wait!!