Prepping for a Race

N and I have stopped using the training schedule for the moment because…. We will be running a 10 mile run on October 1! This will be our first official race that is not Disney.

We hope to get a nice solid time that we can submit for the Disney Marathon. This will allow us to get a good corral for the marathon. The cutoff date for time submissions is October 3. So we will get in this race just in time.

We are very excited to run our first official non Disney race. It will be interesting to see how things are done differently. Also this race is a very different race and has it’s own theme and environment.

I don’t want to say any more about it except to say that we are excited and have changed our training to accommodate to a new schedule for this race.

On Sunday we ran 4 miles. It was really cool to see how the training has been helping so much.

  1. My speed has increased quite a bit I set a nice pace and N was very happy that I was much closer to his usual speed than I usually am.
  2. N and I were concerned about our bathroom habits, as we usually need a bathroom stop in the first mile and have been trying to train ourselves away from that habit. This time we used the bathroom before we started and that was it.
  3. I had no fuel, which was an accident and a mistake but thankfully also gave us the opportunity to see that I can indeed run a solid time with no fuel. I did have water and salt pills, but no other fuel and I was still able to keep up the pace for all 4 miles. N did notice that I started flagging a bit by the end so I think my limit before I need fuel is around 45 min or 3-3.5 miles.