Traveling with Baby and Toddler

For our upcoming trip I have been making sure that I have all of the items that I will need for an extended stay with the kids. We have the flight to and from Orlando, this is the first flight that our 2 year old toddler, A, will need her own seat.


We are flying on Southwest Airlines. For children under the age of 2 they have a lap child policy so that you can have your baby on your lap for the flight instead of paying for a seat for them. If there is an empty seat on the flight, they allow you to use the empty seat for your child. In case there is no empty seat on the plane, I will need to gate check the baby’s car seat so this bag will protect the seat.

Southwest is extremely family friendly for this and other reasons and we have always been happy when flying with them.

These are another highly recommended coloring travel kit for children.

A loves magnets and Mickey so this seems like a toy that she will absolutely love.

In Orlando

T is 8 months old now and she loves to eat. This travel high chair should allow her to sit on any chair so that we can feed her.

A still needs a little assistance to sit at the table. This travel booster is fantastic and we use it all the time.


Usually we would have no need of this at Disney. When staying at a hotel, they usually provide a crib or pack and play. However, this visit we will be staying at a condo for the first four days. While the owner of the condo said that she could get one crib for us, two was not doable. So I started looking for options. It is very costly to rent a crib or pack and play in Orlando. We also have had to borrow a pack and play several times since T was born so that we could have an extra one for guests at our home. So I was interested in purchasing another pack and play and decided to look at travel options.

This is the newest addition to my travel gear. I absolutely love it! This pack and play only weighs 14 lb, and folds to be half the size of a normal pack and play. It is extremely easy to open and close and the mattress size is the same as a regular pack and play so I can use my normal crib sheets on it.

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