The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

In November, N and I headed down to Orlando for five days. We knew we had a longer trip coming up in January but we wanted to make sure we got to Universal Studios. We last went on our honeymoon trip so it had been a while. While we often return to Disney World, we had not been back to Universal for several years. But we had to see the new section of Harry Potter world, Diagon Alley.

We had been to the first section of Harry Potter world, Hogsmeade several years ago when it was first built. We had been very impressed. After Diagon Alley was built, we heard great reviews so we knew that we had to see it.

We headed straight there when we arrived and had our first happy surprise. We wandered around the London area and had to ask for help to find Diagon Alley. The theming is so fantastic! From the outside, you are in London, there is no sign of Diagon Alley or even the wizarding world beyond the parked Knight bus.

You must enter a building face to see the brick entrance to Diagon Alley. You step through a brick archway and into the magic! We were marveling at how amazing it was. There were robed people everywhere and many of them were casting spells from turning on lights to making it rain. Everywhere we looked, something magical was there. Even the stroller parking area was themed. Every storefront had something magical from a blanket knitting itself, to a statue lifting a top hat to reveal and conceal a rabbit, to the dragon on top of Gringotts blowing fire.

Inside of Gringotts after a fantastically themed line where you walk through the bank, which looks like you are in the movie, goblins and all. After making your way through the line there is a fun ride, done mostly with a video screen similarly to the Mummy ride.

There is even a super dark and creepy section for Knockturn Alley.

After touring Diagon Alley for a while we hopped on the Hogwarts Express, which is another ride. We found the ride to be cute and fun. It takes you from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure, where Hogsmeade and Hogwarts is located.

We were extremely impressed with all of the theming and really had a blast in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.