VRBO: The Condo Review

We found a great condo on VRBO as I mentioned in my earlier post, here. We stayed there for five nights from Tuesday to Saturday and checked out on Sunday afternoon, after the marathon. Our experience with VRBO and our experience with the condo itself deserve very different ratings.

Let’s begin with the Condo. It was a beautiful condo! The condo had a nice entry way and front hall area.

The next area had a bathroom, a washer/dryer and a nice sized bedroom with two twin beds.

The next section of the condo was the living area. This contained a kitchen, complete with full table in a nice eating area, a raised dining table and a nice living room with two couches.

The final area was a huge master bedroom. This held a reading nook, king sized bed, walk-in closet, vanity area and another bathroom.

The condo as a whole was large, comfortable and had a nice homey feel. It was beautifully painted and decorated. Other than one issue with cobwebs by the ceiling in the kitchen area, it was very clean.


We were extremely happy with the condo and would definitely do it again.

As for VRBO itself. That we would not do again. We found VRBO to be a very tedious and annoying site to deal with. There were lots of hidden fees that only showed after fully selecting the condo and starting the booking process, so the initial price shown was much lower than the final price charged. We found this to be quite misleading and unpleasant.