Rivers of Light

One of the things N and I were so looking forward to on this trip, was the new night show at Animal Kingdom, Rivers of Light. We got a fastpass for it just to make sure we would be able to see it and enjoy it to the fullest.

There is a large amphitheater style seating area around the lake near Everest. We took our seats at 6 pm, with a half hour to go before the show. 15 minutes out, things started happening, music started as did animal noises, the lotuses on the lake started drifting about, the tree line was lit up, and we could see animals moving in the shapes of the shadows. It was cool but just a mild teaser.

At 6:30, the lights went out and the show started. Rivers of Light was a thing of beauty. The combination of the lights, the water and the projections was truly magical. We were all glued to our seats and were scared to blink for fearing of missing something awesome. The light, the water, the boats and the lotuses all danced on the lake in a fantastic water dance. Then the projections came in to push the show over the edge into astonishing.

Animal Kingdom used to be a half day park. With the opening of the new Pandora section, the park is opened later. The addition of the two new night shows, Rivers of Light and the projections on the tree, makes the transition to a full day park complete. Disney has extended the park in a great way.